Introduction to Modern Cryptography
المؤلف: Mihir Bellare1 Phillip Rogaway2 التصنيفات: Applied Cryptography الناشر: الناشر: 11 May, 2005 ISBN: عدد الصفحات: 238 Pages الدولة: اللغة: Dimension: حجم الملف: 1.52 MB تحميل :

This is a set of class notes that we have been developing jointly for some years. We use them for
cryptography courses that we teach at our respective institutions. Each time one of us teaches
the class, he takes the token and updates the notes a bit. The process has resulted in an evolving
document that has lots of gaps, as well as plenty of “unharmonized” parts. One day it will, with
luck, be complete and cogent.
The viewpoint taken throughout these notes is to emphasize the theory of cryptography as it
can be applied to practice. This is an approach that the two of us have pursued in our research,
and it seems to be a pedagogically desirable approach as well.
We would like to thank the following students of past versions of our courses who have pointed
out errors and made suggestions for changes: Andre Barroso, Keith Bell, Kostas Bimpikis, Alexandra
Boldyreva, Dustin Boswell, Brian Buesker, Michael Burton, Chris Calabro, Sashka Davis, Alex
Gantman, Bradley Huffaker, Hyun Min Kang, Vivek Manpuria, Chanathip Namprempre, Adriana
Palacio, Wenjing Rao, Fritz Schneider, Juliana Wong. We welcome further corrections, comments
and suggestions.